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29th October 2009

badmoods1:42pm: quiet. . . here. .. .


27th May 2009

shadow277:59pm: Happy Birthday to Miss Janet Susan Dallion
Siouxsie Sioux is 52. Still my favorite, unstoppable, singer/cultural icon!

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22nd May 2009

shadow2712:23pm: SatB at the Beeb
‘Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC’ is a stunning 84-track, all digitally-remastered, 4 disc set of exclusive BBC sessions, live concert tracks and TV performances recorded between 1977 - 2001 split across 3CDs and a DVD.
Fantastic career retrospective.
All tracks hand picked by the band.
Features Siouxsie’s unique recollections of the BBC’s studios.
Includes alternate versions of 18 hit singles.
Contains classic Robert Smith performances.

DVD contains the best of the band’s BBC TV performances.
Stunning visual documentary.
Features best of OGWT, Rock Goes to College and Something Else programmes.
Contains complete Top of the Pops performances, including cheesy intros!
full track listingCollapse )


6th April 2009

badmoods1:48pm: can anyone tell me the same of the opening track for NOCTURNE.. the instrumental that opens the show.. thanks..

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27th February 2009

daynage3:03pm: this isn't really siouxsie-related...
...but it does have to do with the cure, who are also awesome.

has anyone heard the song that lady sov did called "so human" that samples "close to me"? i'm loving it. i think the video makes me like it more.

Lady Sovereign - So Human


25th February 2009

badmoods1:54pm: does anyone have DOWNSIDE UP compilation of b sides that i could have ???



7th February 2009

badmoods7:55pm: hello there.. its quiet here i know but i was hoping someone might have the DOWNSIDE UP b sides compilation around that i could possibly download??

i thank you greatly in advance..


8th December 2008

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27th April 2008

badmoods8:39pm: Anyone have the mps for CATWALK?


25th April 2008

badmoods8:55pm: does anyone happen to have the mp3 of " FALSE FACE" they would kindly send me?
Current Mood: hopeful

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18th April 2008

truth_underskin1:27am: Dracula in NJ ft. music from Siouxie
High Tech High School’s Musical Theater Dept. is about to embark on
DRACULA: A Rock Opera, a new musical for the community.

We are very excited to be presenting a new musical based on the chilling Bram Stoker classic. Much rehearsal and planning has been underway with choreography, sets, costumes, lighting and good ol’ stage magic that will hopefully awe the audiences in a re-telling of the Bram Stoker classic.

This is director Alex Perez’s 9th year as director of the musical theater program.
“after 18 productions, stints Off-Broadway and overseas, you would think it would get easy. But every year is a brand new challenge with brand new students and the job only gets more exciting and there are always challenges that come our way.” “ People love to compare shows, but I see them as separate entities, a tattoo if you will, separate chapters and of course, we always choose material that is different and sets us apart from the normal high school musical choices.”

The students this year have been so focused and so commanding, that audiences truly need to see their work. This is why we are excited to add an extra weekend for the first time ever. Another first is that all the music is set to classic rock of the 70’s thru now..so it gives a little bit of something for everyone. And of course, another first is that we are doing a dramatic passionate love story. There is quite a lot of romance on stage and the students are truly working hard to make the love relationships involved captivating. Practicing kissing scenes and hunger for blood needs to be right, otherwise Dracula will not be believable. The students are willing and ready to make it happen.

DRACULA: A Rock Opera is also music directed by Rod Shepard with an all-student band that is stronger than ever. The HTHS Music Theater Dept. has been involved in the Papermill Rising Star Award Program for excellence in High School Musical Theater. In 6 years, they have been nominated 15 times and won 10 awards including Best Direction, Lead Actor and Actress, Lobby, Costumes, Hair and Makeup and Production all for different productions throughout the years. Recently they performed in Scotland over the past summer.

DRACULA: A Rock Opera
May 2,3,9,10 @ 7pm
May 3,4, 10, 11 @ 1pm

Tickets are $15
Call 201-854-2903 for more info

HTHS Black Box Theater
2000-85th ST (Tonelle Ave)
North Bergen NJ 07047

Of worthwhile mention is that the show will contain various songs by Depeche Mode, Siouxie, and Nine Inch Nails! This is no ordinary Dracula Musical! haha. 


26th December 2007

shadow2710:18pm: Merry Christmas
As a SatB nerd I like to break in my new equipment with an appropriate Banshees track. Here's a little present from me and my new USB turntable. Il est né le Divine Enfant. This is of course Siouxsie & the Banshees version on the the traditional French Christmas carol. The gains a little high, but not bad for the first go through.


24th December 2007

cusack_clone2:45pm: Best Christmas Song Ever
Christmas is tomorrow. Time to play Siouxsie's favorite Christmas tune. I love this song.

Things Fall Apart by Cristina.

Siouxsie talking about the song.
Current Mood: good


starla__zero5:08pm: Pulled To Bits
The Mars Volta will be covering Pulled To Bits on the b-side of their new single (out in January).
It's pretty good... though obviously not as good :P
Current Mood: complacent

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18th December 2007

tragedy_thrills2:20pm: Bad News
For those of you that planned on attending the San Diego show, it has been cancelled....but tickets will be honored for the Anaheim show on either the 18th or 19th.


Boooooo says I!
Current Mood: blah


15th November 2007

shadow278:36am: Tour dates
Current US Tour dates for Siouxsie:

2.8.08 (Friday)--New York, The Fillmore
2.9.08 (Saturday)--New York, The Fillmore
2.12.08 (Tuesday)--San Francisco, The Fillmore
2.13.08 (Wednesday)--San Francisco, The Fillmore
2.15.08 (Friday)--Hollywood, The Music Box @ Fonda
2.16.08 (Saturday)--Hollywood, The Music Box @ Fonda
2.18.08 (Monday)--Anaheim, House Of Blues
2.19.08 (Tuesday)--Anaheim, House Of Blues
2.21.08 (Thursday)--San Diego, 4th and B

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25th October 2007

tragedy_thrills1:42pm: Mantaray Tour
Has anybody attended any shows yet?

If so, can you please give a rundown of her set list. Thanks =)

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9th August 2007


The clip to feature track from Siouxsie's new album, Mantaray.
The song's 'Into a Swan'

I think it sounds pretty damn good. It's distinctly siouxsie, but with a new twist.


God she's looking so good for her age.

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24th July 2007

albinokrow2:25am: mood theme

made a Siouxsie Sioux Mood Theme

you are welcome to use it
please credit, albinokrow 

Just in case you don't know how to use it
upload each mood picture onto your preferred image hosting site
and plug in the links to the each mood
(customize>look & feel>custom mood themes> Create your own)
you may want to rename the file to the mood its suppose to be
I know some of the file names are a little messed up =/
Current Mood: artistic

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23rd July 2007

badmoods11:50pm: Siouxsie
is gonna have a new record... I just found this out !!!
can't wait for more info..

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19th June 2007

allforchoice9:36am: Yesterday i was in one of those catholic thrift stores, where you can just tell that anything risk-ay is tossed instead of put on the floor, and out of all the crappy christmas music cassettes, i find siouxsie's kaleidoscope and peepshow!

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2nd February 2007

cusack_clone1:31am: Siouxsie's blue guitar
This has been driving me insane. Can anyone help?

What kind of guitar is Siouxsie playing?Collapse )
Current Mood: frustrated

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26th November 2006

side_line5:03pm: Side-Line newsfeed via LiveJournal
In case you didn't know, Side-Line Magazine news is also available via LJ syndication at the link below:

Just follow the instructions and you have the latest new wave, ebm, synthpop and gothic music news straight in your mailbox.

PS: if you are in a darkwave / industrial music band, be sure sending us your news so that we can spread it via our newsnetwork as well. Keep up the good work.


17th October 2006

chroi_bhriste3:00pm: Does anybody know whether there are any easter eggs on Nocturne or Seven Year Itch? I can't find any and I'm sort of disappointed about that fact. Thanks!

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1st October 2006

albinokrow1:32am: um..

made some changes

now you can use em

sorry bout the last post :>

::comments are swell
:: hotlink, i dont give a fuck

wooooooCollapse )
Current Mood: calm

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